Saudi Alzheimer Disease Association

Saudi Alzheimer  Disease Association

The idea of establishing the association emerged from a group of women whose fathers and mothers were afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, and their journey began in search of those interested in this aspect. Forty-five of the sons and daughters of this country took the initiative to establish the Saudi Charitable Society for Alzheimer’s Disease, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development approved its establishment

Establishment of the association

Given the nature of our interconnected society, which is keen to present its members in the best way, and many people conceal some of the diseases that afflict their relatives, especially if it affects their behavior or judgment on matters, the establishment of the association came to break the barrier of silence and shame, and to illuminate the spaces surrounding the disease to create public awareness that serves patients and their families. It addresses decision-makers to understand the dimensions of the disease, its impact, and the costs of its treatment, leading to providing care and attention to patients and those interested in their affairs. Therefore, the beginnings and founding of the association were in 1430 AH – 2009 AD

:Our vision

Empowering a community that is aware and caring for Alzheimer’s disease

:Our message

Improving the quality of life for anyone affected by Alzheimer’s disease through awareness tools, care programs, policy advocacy and research.

:Our goals

First: Raising the level of public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease by educating different segments of society about the disease and holding awareness campaigns and educational seminars through all possible media

Second: Providing support and assistance to Alzheimer’s patients and improving their health and living standards by providing treatment and supportive devices for them

Third: Providing support and advice to the families of the injured and those caring for them

Fourth: Activating strategic partnerships between scientific, health, academic, media, and educational charities, and private sector institutions

Fifth: Supporting research and studies related to Alzheimer’s disease, and cooperating with researchers in the medical, psychological, and social fields

Sixth: Establishing a database about the disease and patients, and taking care to collect information and make the necessary statistics to determine the reality and move from it towards a scientific vision that will complete the major deficiency in this aspect

Seventh: Cooperation with regional and international associations specialized in Alzheimer’s disease in order to develop the services provided by the association to patients and their families.

Eighth: Celebrating World Alzheimer’s Disease Month, which falls in September every year, and keeping pace with global celebrations in various cities of the world and shedding more light on this disease within society

:Our Values

Transparency, loyalty, trust, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, flexibility, quality, excellence, respect

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