Conference Organizers

4th International Alzheimer's Disease Conference 2020






Conference Organizers

Saudi Alzheimer Disease Association

Saudi Alzheimer's Disease Association is the first of its kind that deals with patients of the disease shrouded in mystery, Alzheimer. Alzheimer was discovered in 1906 by a German scientist whose name has been associated to the disease. It is considered to be one of the most common and disquieting diseases as one ages especially in the absence of any curing drug that would eliminate it and control the process of destruction that it causes to memory. While statistics show that being affected by this disease increases each 5 years for those who are older than 65 years, the causes still haven’t been determined. In fact, half of those who reached 85 years have Alzheimer. Therefore, it has become essential to establish a charity association that aims at spreading awareness about the reality of this disease, clarifying the ambiguities hereof, providing therapeutic and psychological support to a group of patients and their families by caregivers, and assuring the principles of volunteerism among youth and other willing and capable groups. Finally, this association plays a major role in motivating the business sector to fulfill its social responsibilities through supporting charitable activities which contributes to increasing the level of awareness among people in society on one hand, and providing financial and moral support to those in need on the other hand.


King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology conducts applied scientific research in order to achieve development and provide scientific advice on the national level. It plays a major role in the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia through National Transformation Program through setting the necessary strategies in the field of research, supporting applied scientific research programs and projects, developing the mechanisms to convert the outputs of scientific research and technical development into industrial products, and providing scientific services in information technology, scientific publishing and patent registration. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology aims at coordinating with governmental agencies, scientific institutions, and research centers specialized in applied scientific research in the city, exchanging information and experiences, and forging partnerships through technical and scientific cooperation between Saudi Arabia and international scientific institutions.