King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is both the Saudi Arabian national science agency and its national R&D laboratories. KACST plays a key role in science and technology policy making, related data collection, funding of external research, and other related services such as scientific publishing and managing the patent office. Main Responsibilities include: Proposing a national policy for the development of science and technology and relevant strategies; Supporting scientific research and technology development; Conducting applied research advising government; Fostering national innovation and technology transfer between research institutes and the industry; Fostering international cooperation in science and technology.
Saudi Alzheimer Disease Association
SADA aims to raise public awareness of Alzheimer's disease, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, in Saudi Arabia. The Association aims to highlight the fact that Alzheimer's is not just a part of normal ageing, it is a specific disease, that as yet, cannot be prevented. The Association is working hard to ensure that people suffering from Alzheimer's in Saudi Arabia are treated with respect, and are given the treatment they need to make their lives as comfortable as possible. SADA provides services and advice for people whose lives are affected by Alzheimer's, whether as a sufferer or as a care giver, and aims to create a database and network for people affected by or working with disease within the Kingdom.